Audio Conferencing Is the New Business Norm

Technology has made in-person conferences seem dated, especially for nationwide and worldwide companies. Sometimes it’s nice to get up from your desk and have a brainstorming session or venting session with other co-workers. However, for other meetings that rely on technology to be effective, audio technology is a better option to utilize.

Computer sharing programs

For training sessions with multiple employees, it may be more useful to be able to use computer sharing programs, such as Join.Me, so all users are able to see the same computer at once. While computer sharing programs may seem more popular for IT representatives to log into one worker’s computer, the programs are also useful for training while speaking via phone.

Phone conference calls

With the record number of jobs that were lost in the past decade or so, companies have been trying to find ways to cut expenses when needed. Travel expenses are one of the first areas that are easy to cut. When an employee can dial into a conference number from companies like and all users have the same access code, people from all over the country can listen in on a call without wasting money on plane tickets, hotel rates and lunch expenses.

Helping transcriptionists

For executives who need a note taker for important meetings, it certainly helps to have a tape recorder handy. But what happens when there is an interruption from loud noises or the batteries die? With audio conferencing calls, users have the option to record the call for record-keeping purposes, transcriptions or even for video editing without stocking up on batteries.

Save on overseas phone charges

For companies with worldwide clients, programs like Skype provide an option to get around overseas fees. Let’s just say the boss is in India but the workers are in Illinois. Dial into this general number, and both parties can choose to have an audio meeting or a video conference meeting. Although vacations should be work free, for emergency meetings, computer program audio calling is one of the few options that won’t inconvenience workers’ budgets even more. This option includes texting, computer sharing programs and talking at the same time.

Mobile conferencing

Dragging around a laptop bag, suitcase, purse and souvenirs may be a bit much for a regular business trip. Now add the task of needing to find a level, quiet place to log into a computer for a conference and it really becomes tedious. Although hotel rooms are good locations for business travelers, this can become an issue if the meeting is during checkout time. Either the business traveler must pay for an extra day’s stay solely for a meeting or find a restaurant, coffee shop or park. Then, add headphones and put the call on mute. Now how about skipping all of this and using a computer app like UberConference to dial in and look at the same programs by mobile phone?

Smartphone apps, computer programs and phone conference numbers make meetings more reasonable, less expensive and reduce the cumbersome aspect. There’s still a love-hate relationship with technology replacing jobs, but there’s no argument that the “love” part can save the company money. With more profit, those same companies may be more likely to increase employment, too, for local, national and international clients and employees.