Social Media Meets Timeshares: Welk Resorts Shows the Importance of Consumer Dialogues in Luxury Resort Market

Presenting the world of luxury vacationing to the public was once the job of magazines and word of mouth. Hotels and resorts spent all their time drumming up conversation in the most basic of ways.

Today’s hotels and resorts have other options, and they take to social media to put these options to work. Welk Timeshare Resorts are working on the cutting edge of finding customers through social media outlets. Each new social media network provides more options to a customer base that wants to interact with the resort chain.

#1: Facebook

You can find info about¬†Welk Timeshare Tours on Facebook, which¬†bring customers in touch with the latest information and sales that the resort chain has to offer. These deals are a benefit that only Facebook followers receive, and the information that Welk Resorts posts appears on every customer’s news feed. Customers can post to the wall of Welk Resorts for more information, or they can exchange private messages that allow a dialogue about a new booking or timeshare investment.

#2: Twitter

Twitter is one of the best places for customers to get immediate service. The Twitter feed is monitored at all times, and Welk Resorts posts information about their resorts on the site. Customers that want to ask questions or interact with the company can tag them on Twitter. Direct messages can be shared with the company, and customer issues can be resolved because Twitter is an immediate social network.

#3: Pinterest

The Pinterest account of Welk Resorts contains much more than sales and deals. There are designs from the many rooms across all their resorts posted. Customers can latch on to a room in a resort they want to stay in, or they can decide to design one of their rooms at home in the same manner as a room they have already seen. Pinterest helps customers to interact with the chain about a particular room, and a booking could result from a dream room that someone saw online.

#4: Amenities

The customers that are interested in certain amenities or services will be able to contact Welk Resorts about these issues. A customer can plan a special evening for their spouse through social media, ask questions about the amenities at a resort or schedule an activity that happens outside the resort. Social media becomes a sort of concierge that customers can use long before they ever make it to their vacation destination.

There are many ways that Welk Resorts engages customers through social media, but they do not do this interaction on their own. Customers are going to come to Welk Resorts with their questions and needs. Social media is an open forum where everyone can talk about their needs, and the chain can help customers much more quickly through social media. The discerning customer is in need certain things to make their vacation perfect, but they cannot make these things happen on their own. Everyone benefits from following Welk Resorts online, and the luxury continues when they open a dialogue with the chain online.

The customer service level rises, bookings can be made and every customer will get exactly what they want for their next resort vacation experience.