Returnable Product and Bulk Containers Choose YOU

packagingYour company makes countless transactions during the day and stock exchanges are just one of them. Connections are made daily between suppliers and customers, whether it be office supplies for a banking center or fresh lettuce for an elementary school. What people do not think of on a regular basis, however, is what happens to the packaging supplies after the goods have been traded and everyone has gone about their ways. Countless resources have been wasted on these materials that are usually just tossed away after the delivery trucks are gone. Returnable packaging and bulk containers are new and quickly growing ways of increasing efficiency in the shipping world today, and here are just a few of the reasons why your company should switch to using them today!


Chances are, your company’s biggest concern is money. Whether it is on saving money in the long run or cutting costs where you can now, every business has a budget they need to stick by. Switching to returnable packaging and bulk containers can help your company not only save money in terms of reusable shipping supplies, but they also provide for more floor space in your warehouses, quality, and labor due to easier handling. Boxes also show up to warehouses soggy or wet, ruining merchandise and product, which can be easily prevented with items like crates. All of these combined create a solid reason why your company should be using reusable packaging and containers with all distribution connections.


A factor that every business considers on a daily basis is space. Where should merchandise be stacked? Where should all of the new employees be seated? Where should we stack these two hundred boxes that barely even fit in the warehouse? The last issue could easily be solved with bulk containers, otherwise known as pallets, totes, collapsible bulk containers, and Gaylord boxes. All of these items make organizing your warehouse easier than ever and provide you the much needed space for anything else required. Stacking totes and organizer bins create for neatness and a stress-free environment for those working in the storeroom space.


By using returnable packaging and bulk containers, your company will significantly help the environment as well. A large percentage of landfills are made up of supplies that are used in the shipping and packaging process. This number can be lowered by companies like yours switching to resources like industrial metal storage bins, nesting totes, or plastic pallets. Current shipping options only allow for one, possibly two, uses until it needs to be thrown out. Reducing the waste created by your business will benefit all those around you in the long run.


There are more reasons than none to switch your company to returnable packaging and bulk containers. By doing you, you are not only helping the environment, but you are opening up warehouse space and making sound economic decisions. With these reasons alone, your company should consider making the switch to these reusable shipping products. These options can be used innumerable times and open up limitless opportunities for your business. Do your company a favor and make the right choice today. Choose to go with returnable packaging and bulk containers for your packaging needs!